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In most cases a pre-installation sweep is required and recommended to identify

if there are likely to be any problems before the chimney is lined. It also removes any inherent soot, tar deposits, and even birds nests.


HETAS recommend your chimney is swept at least twice a year. We only use NACS registered Chimney Sweeps who will provide all the documentation required. Their contact details are as follows :  Martin at

Chimney Sweeping
Wood Storage

Logs ideally should not be stored directly beside your appliance because you could potentially cause a fire from heat transference. Most stove manufacturers ask a minimum distance to combustible material i.e. your lovely seasoned log.


An example of this is roughly 300mm, but check your manual for exact requirements for your chosen appliance. For more information check out this site :

Operating your Appliance

Wood is the key! Properly seasoned or kiln dried wood is paramount; you could have the best appliance on the planet but under-seasoned wood will do nothing. It will deposit tar and creosote into your expensive flue system and blacken the glass.

It is also very corrosive, potentially shortening the life of the flue liner and making it very difficult for a chimney sweep to clear the flue properly, leading to problems.


Check the following link for more advice on best practices from our governing body HETAS, all in pdf downloadable format

What Size Stove Do I Need ?

Not sure on what size appliance is suitable for your environment ? Dont panic we can help you and advise on the correct KW rating for the room. Most modern installations need nothing more than 5kw.


Follow this link from the guys at Charnwood on the perfect size appliance for your home  

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